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Inspired by Iyengar Yoga
Isabel has been teaching Iyengar Yoga for 17 years and qualified as an Intermediate Level 3 teacher nearly 7 years ago.

Isabel became a keen Iyengar Yoga student 26 years ago after meeting Margaret Austin one of the Uk’s most senior and inspiring Iyengar Yoga teachers. Since then Isabel has traveled up to the North East every year to study an intensive course of yoga with her, who together with Gordon Austin teaches a group of advanced Iyengar students and teachers from all over the UK.

In 2006 Isabel began developing her yoga practice and teaching further with Jayne Orton who is an advanced teacher. With her expert guidance, Isabel overcame long term back and neck injuries, and through rigorous study and self practice over a 5 year period Isabel became an Intermediate Leve1 3 teacher in March 2011. Every week now Isabel continues to study with Jayne, and other senior teachers across the UK, and has been taught by Dr Geeta Iyengar at conventions in 2002 and 2008, and 2014, by Abhijata Iyengar in 2014 and spent 31 days studying with Prashant Iyengar and the Iyengar family in India Pune in 2014 and 2017.

Isabel also takes an active role in the national Iyengar Yoga association serving on the EX, and as chair of the Events Committee, which involves organising the national Iyengar Yoga Convention for 300 – 600 Iyengar teachers and students every year.

” out for a walk on the beach!”
Whoops on a bit of a slope….

Isabel has an extensive background in movement, and worked for 35 years as a professional choreographer, she trained from the age of 11 as a ballet scholar at the Royal Academy of Dance, gained a performance degree in contemporary dance and music at Bretton Hall and went on to found a professional company in 1989 with arts council funding, making more than 33 new devised 33 full length touring performances.

Her performance work now focuses on composing / audio describing and singing, where she directs Salamanda Tandem a team of performers and artists, who tour art and performance across the UK and abroad. Isabel also delivers training programmes and has written a variety of publications as a professional composer, singer and director. Iyengar Yoga forms the foundation stone of Isabel’s practice, of all salamanda tandem board members, and of a number of associate artists.

Isabel would recommend Iyengar Yoga for anyone interested in self development, the deeper study of movement and the mind. When practiced daily and studied though teaching, Iyengar Yoga can provide a system of diagnosis and self healing that can help you to cope, adapt and grow mentally and physically in the face of our demanding 21st century living.

Geoffrey in Sirsasana

In 1991, Geoffrey qualified as a registered Osteopath, and continues running a private practice today in West Bridgford. His interest in the structural and functional integrity of the body first drew him to Iyengar yoga specifically, above all other movement methods, and he has practiced as a student for more than 25 years. The precision, clarity and rigor of Iyengar Yoga drew him into training as a teacher, and he qualified in 2010, under the expert tutelage of Advanced teacher Jayne Orton. In 2014 after 2 years of further study with Richard Agar Ward also one of the Uk’s most senior teachers, he gained his Intermediate level 1 certificate. Geoffrey is a very dedicated student, and travels to Birmingham each week to study with Jayne, and studies around 270 hours a year in weekly classes and intensives.

Geoffrey also works as a professional photographer for Salamanda Tandem, and his work has been featured in many international magazines and publications over the last 15 years. He also volunteers for the Iyengar Yoga UK events team photographing the annual convention for their magazine.

Over the last 2 years Geoffrey has been building and designing our new studio, the work still continues, and he is the final stage of building a yoga rope wall, for 14 students based upon the San Diego Iyengar Yoga Institute design.


Geoffrey Building our new Studio


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