Day 32: Pune Departures | RIMIYI Yoga Institute

Portrait Isabel-0739

Our Last day and Goodbye to The Institute

Today we completed our time with Prashant’s usual morning class. I must write some more about that:
We experienced the boundless possibility of the breath and learnt that if ‘prana’ is the breath and it can be restless and unfocussed, I felt it: a Fish and a submarine moving slowly in my chest in all directions! So ayama’ is the means by which we learn how to focus it. This is Pranayama and Prashant has taught us that there are a multiplicity of ways in which we can do this.

Goodbye sweets-0736
Nothing for it, Goodbye sweets all round to ground us.

The Institute-0742
Geoffrey rigs a wireless trigger from his mobile phone so that we can have a self portrait as we leave the Institute

The Institute-0746
The Institute

We’re just about to depart and we have a visitor: a bird calling in the tree very loud and clear

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2 Responses to Day 32: Pune Departures | RIMIYI Yoga Institute

  1. Caroline says:

    Have a well earned break and holiday
    Happy New Year and see you in Feb!

  2. Kate says:

    Dear Isabel & Geoffrey,
    Derek & I have really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Your depth of understanding is so apparent in so many aspects of your experiences from the wildlife to the food.
    And it is obvious that you have made the very most of your yoga experiences too, it is quite inspiring.
    We miss you. Enjoy the next month and see you all too soon, best wishes, Kate x

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